Friday 1 June 2012

A musical journey: May

This month my musical post is a bit different. Previous posts have seen me write about 3 bands I have been listening to on my drive to work, or about the albums I've recently bought. However this past month I've neither bought any albums nor been listening to many albums in my car. Instead I've been listening to the delights of radio.

I use to listen to radio 1 quite a lot but in the last year I've been listening to real radio north east. Why? Firstly listening to real radio makes me think of home, of the north east which I kind of like. But mainly the reason why I stopped listening to radio 1 is because I grew sick of them playing the same 6 songs all day everyday and not playing real bands anymore.

Anyway, this post still needs to be about music, so to embrace to true essence of radio instead of writing about the 3 bands/albums I've enjoyed listening to, I am writing about the 3 songs I've enjoyed listening to this month on the radio....

1) The Spin Doctors - Two Princes
I'm not sure why but when I hear this song I instantly start to think of spring/summertime. I don't remember the song when it originally came out but it's one if those songs I've always known. Recently the radio station have been playing it everyday and I can't help but turning up the radio and start singing along. I'd say it's a guilty pleasure song but really it's not a guilty pleasure, I'd just say its an all round feel good song that gets me in the summer mood.

2) Del Amitri - Roll to me
Another song that makes me feel all summery. I guess the radio station has been capitalising on the good weather by playing the good weather songs. This is an instant 'chirpy' song and one that once you hear makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face. Again like Two Princes is a song I can't help but sing a long to and think about a nice warm British summer. So let's all get a glass of Pimms and pray for no rain!

3) Tom Petty & the heartbreakers - American Girl
A song that I've often been aware of but never really listened until this month. I had to Shazam it on my phone to make me aware of the artist and for some reason when It came up as Tom Petty I wasn't suprised. I've often heard of  Tom Petty but can honestly admit I've never listened or attempted to find many of his songs. After realising this song is from him I may have to try find more songs of his as its a sound I quite like.

Next month will be a musical journey live - I will be going to see 3 gigs in 1 week next month and so will be writing about the gigs and the bands. I can;t wait although I think my liver will be disagreeing with me.

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  1. 'Two Princes' brings back so many fond memories - great song. Do you listen to BBC Music 6 at all? If not, think you'd like it.