Wednesday 20 June 2012

Day 172 The Olympic Flame

Today the Olympic flame came past our house. Now I know many people are sick of hearing about the Olympic Flame, My mothers own words when I told her I and the children were going to see was, 'I wish the bugger would go out'. Obviously for those who aren't into their sports it's something that causes disturbance to their routine and lives in one way or another. However for me, being a keen sportsman it's an important symbol. The Olympics, ideally is all that's best with sports, traditionally, should I add, that it was about amateurs representing their countries, something that should be the proudest moment of any ones life.

Now I'm not defending the moder day Olympics, each Olympics is dogged by Political agendas, Governments seeming to use the games as an excuse to showcase their ideals of cause controversy, look back at the history of the games and this is intertwined. Also couple that with the fact that the games are sponsored by some of the worst companies in the world and it's clear to see that the Modern Day Olympics has come a long way from the traditional modern day Olympics set up by Pierre de Coubertin all those years ago.

But the games do bring out a lot of good, and I for one am proud we're hosting them in this country and looking forward to watching them, so the symbol of the Olympic flames represents to me all that is good with sport, bringing communities closer together and showing passion and pride in you country.

Come On Team GB.....

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