Tuesday 31 January 2012

Monday 30 January 2012

30 of 366: Saving the planet

Here's today's picture. This is us taking our recycling out, helping to save the planet.

We've been gathering it for the last few months but never managed to take if out for collection do hopefully tomorrow morning the recycling men will collect it (fingers cross) note ER in her pink wellies being a young Eco warrior.

Hopefully this is one step to our dream of living as self sufficient as possible, but I can't wait to get a garden so I can grow fresh veg and have my own chickens for fresh eggs.

Sunday 29 January 2012

29 of 366: Daddys Little Angel

So here is TV looking her normal cute self, I know most of my 366 pictures involve her in someway, but she just changes everyday, I know I must be boring some of you with these constant pics of her, but you know what I don't care I'm a proud Daddy :P

Behind every strong man is a stronger woman....

I miss the children when I'm at work, I try keep work to what it needs to be but inevitably I have to work more than 40 hour weeks, I know that, my girlfriend knows that, its the way it is but I always try to rush home to see the kids before they go to bed, unless I'm working a late shift and then theres no chance as I don't finish until midnight.

I am envious of my beautiful girlfriend, although I know that she in return is envious of me. I envy her that she gets to be around the kids all day and do constructive things with them and create memories that they will learn to cherish and look back on fondly and cherish as she cherishes the time with them also. Whilst I am at work, don't get me wrong I enjoy my work and find it rewarding and challenging, but I enjoy spending time with my family more, naturally.

But I am also well aware that my girlfriend is also envious of me for the exact opposite, that I can go out and work and try build something for myself outside of the family home. That I am earning money and not reliant on government handouts that barely let you support your family if your a honest person as she is due to the system being flooded by chances who make it harder for the honest people out there. She misses as well an adult conversation during the day time and I can admit it that given we switched roles for a week I'd probably be dying to go back to work also, as she is.

It's been hard for her since going on maternity leave and I feel and worry about her everyday whilst I am at work. She has one child to contend with that can't communicate and another who due to our circumstances financially we can't allow regular time with other children her age. I know there is help out there but when you seek this help it's not a fast response and we are pursuing this help. It's funny because as soon as you owe money to an authority be it the council etc they hound you and make you feel guilty but when the shoe is on the other foot and you are trying to get the help and support they tell you you are entitled too they drag their feet like a meerkat in a desert!

I guess what I originally set out to say in this post and what has transformed into a rant is that I am very grateful for my girlfriend. She feels trapped some days and helpless like she can't cope, and I try everyday when I read her blog posts and talk to her while I am at work to put my feet in her shoes and understand what she's feeling and how she's coping. And I can say this despite what she says, and what she thinks of herself, shes doing a great job, I had the kids for one day and the littlest one ended up upside down in her pram and the eldest complaining that her hands were too cold! My girlfriend, does a fantastic job everyday and every time I come home the three girls have had a great day.

Thank you Pooh x

Saturday 28 January 2012

28 of 366

Today's picture is again football related but today we beat the scum of the scum man Utd, thanks to a last minute strike by this man....

All together sing the song, "Put your hands up for Dirk Kuyt, He loves this city!"

Friday 27 January 2012

27 of 366

This is very improtant, I don't do wine but I would if this was every pubs/resturant house wine.....

Wednesday 25 January 2012

25 of 366: A Special Day, thanks to the King.

OK so these aren't necessarily pictures I've taken but they are pictures that sum up my day,They joy and excitement of what is to come in around a months time. I don't care what people say about the Carling Cup, they are always quick to put it down and slate it, but at the end of the day a cup is a cup and a win is a win. At the end of the season it's noted that you've won something, it is in all effect a definition of success. Plus most of all it's a trip to Wembley.....

So it's thank you to this Man, Captain fantastic, Captain Marvel, the man who is the engine for Liverpool.....

.... and also thank you to this man who has proved his class, despite many people hating him, he is a top quality player....
But most importantly it's thank you to this man, he is the legend, the greatest player that ever graced our fine shirt.The man who made the number 7 shirt so iconic. He is the man who has transformed us over the last year and has ensured the players and fans have their passion for the club and instills that in us all and shows his emotions and love for the club everyday, he is of course the King!

I do hope I will be able to get a ticket to the final. It's not by any means going to be an easy game and we haven't won the cup yet, so fingers crossed we will be successful on the day, but it is a day that I am of course looking forward to, I'd love to be in the crowd that day and get to sing the anthems such as You'll Never Walk Alone and the fields of Anfield Road and my favourite Scouser Tommy.

Come On Red Men, we can do it!!!!!!!
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Tuesday 24 January 2012

24 of 366

T hit the sauce a bit too hard last night, passed out and has a blinding hangover today.....

Saturday 21 January 2012

21 off 366

So a nice walk into town today so us come across this.....

now eledest child loves rabbits but this one scared her and she refused to stroke it.

Ahhhh Attack of the giant Rabbit and racing ladies

Ahhhh Saturdays. In Saturdays gone by that a resigned to my past and folklore I would usually spend them waking up, having a bacon buttie (possibly with a hangover) armed witha cup of tea I'd laze around the living room in my very fashionable Teenage mutant ninja turtle lounge pants and batman t-shirt and watch Soccer A.M often laughing and Tubes' random but very funny mad rap skills.

After which I'd then shower and get change, have a walk to the local shop to get something to eat for the evening and place a few bets on the days football action to make it a little bit more interesting before going back home to watch Gillette Soccer Saturday and embarrassing the banter in screen as though I as there taking part in it myself, eager to see if my bets would pay out often ending in heart break and swearing, and being in a sulk against the team who didn't come through for my pay out and swearing that I will forever hold a grudge and hate that team.

However, Saturdays are a different question now, for one I could be working. If not I now spend it with the family. I still place my bets, and try watch soccer Saturday and soccer am although it might be watched as a delay on sky+ later. The bacon butty is also essential to start my day as are the lounge pants!

Last week in my previous post, Smiles,Frowns and one very drunk rabbit You would have read that it was my first day left alone with the 2 girls whilst mummy went out for the day to be an adult. Well firstly thank you for all the kind comments, e-mails and tweets asking how it all went. Well the truth is..... I cheated, the day ended up being spent with my mum, and my two sisters and my nephew and the girls. So in all honesty, I cheated, if I as a footballer it would have been a straight red card for a blatant to footed tackle! (unless you're a Manchester united player as they get away with murder week in week out) as they helped looked after the girls and treated us all to lunch in the process. My family live about 70 minutes away so it was nice for them all to come and help, the girls enjoyed it and so do I. I am sorry I let all you down who read my blog and have been asking how it all went.

However I shall make it upto you all right now as today, this Saturday was a different story. Mummy went out for the day with her sister and I have been left with both girls all by myself, Yikes ! So how has today gone you may ask? So far so good, I woke up in my Muppet lounge pants and batman t-shirt, the missus cooked us a lovely full English breakfast before leaving us. Then I got the girls ready, made a bottle. As I tried getting the pram out of the house with baby strapped in the pram seat flipped 180 degrees so baby was trapped in but facing upside down, I was so scared that she was hurt but no tears nothing, I got her out to check and she cried when i help her, but she is all fine and not a scratch. We got the train into town and all the way there she was looking to me as to say, "you're a numpty daddy fancy not checking the seat was fully fixed on!"

Whilst in town we also saw a giant rabbit which made eldest happy but nervous at the same time as she ironically clutched her beloved rabbit who was made to look tiny in comparison to the giant rabbit. She wouldn't get her picture next to it as she was too scared even if the nice lady tried to get her to touch it. Then we stopped so me and Eldest ER could get a cake to eat after lunch and then we headed home. We got the train and the only time we weren't offered any help on the train today came on our way home. Te train pulled up and we were in a race with a 40 odd year old lady who was determined to beat me, the pram and eldest to the door of the train, didn't offer to help and then tried to make conversation with me on the train, the cheek of some people!

As we got home I fed both children and managed to put my bets on, obviously I couldn't do this in town as firstly children aren't allowed in betting shops but most importantly what sort of Daddy would take there children into a betting shop? So I did it all online, then eldest helped change the youngest child and then proceeded to give Rabbit a change of nappy (I think he was that scared of the giant rabbit earlier her pooed himself)

And that brings us up to right now. Eldest is playing and youngest is sleeping so I think I'll have a cuppa and watch Soccer Saturday. We've had a good day so far no naughty step and no tears, we shall set off soon to Nanny's where we will meet mummy. Thank you for all your kind messages last week, I hope every time I have the girls is as easy as this, me thinks not though.

Friday 20 January 2012

20 of 366

Baby T watching the brand new music video of her and her daddys favourite band, Feeder!

Thursday 19 January 2012

19 of 366

Today was a family day, we all decided we'd set out for a Winters walk....

Overall a thoroughly nice family day, we all returned home cold with rosy cheeks and red noses, but we'd all had fun.

A Winters Walk.....

Today we had a nice family day. It was a day off work for me and so we decided that we would follow through with a promise to eldest (ER) that we would take her to feed the ducks. We decided to go to the local reservoir and so we needed to wrap up nice and warm as the cold weather was ready to bite at any exposed skin today in all its sharpness. Cue a day of sniffles and red noses upon returning home after being battered by the harsh winds.
Ready to go eldest clutched her rabbit, who unfortunately wasn't dressed for the occasion and this time wasn't dressed by daughter (Rabbit must have been very cold today out on our walk) We set off in the car. Around 20 minutes later we got to our destination. Upon arriving, ER realised that her shadow made her look tall and this was of great fun to her as she is so small it was nice to see her look tall for a change....

We then set off on our path, Myself, Mummy, ER and youngest child TV to find the ducks although TV didn't look too particularly bothered about today's whole experience.....
The muddy path had many twists and turns, the wheels of the pram got covered with mud that we picked up on the way. ER managed to see a squirrel run fats up the tree, but unfortunately it was too fast for her to catch of for me to catch on the camera, so the squirrel remains our little secret. As the path unwound we got to see the reservoir in all its glory....

ER needed to be lifted over though to see the reservoir....

But of course a reservoir has to sides and the other side looked far more beautiful....

We decided that this side of the reservoir would be a better side to see the Ducks and so we took this path in our quest to feed the ducks. ER had to clutch mummy's hand so she didn't get blown away, she kept checking over her shoulder to make sure her baby sister and myself were ok and hadn't succumbed to the ghastly winds that were blowing us and chilling us through....

As we walked we saw many other people on walks. some old, some young, some walking pets and some even running away from their pets! All of them nice, and all of them wrapped up (except the one running) and all would pass by and say hello to us.

As we carried on we had more muddy trails to walk on, some got steep and so we had to go slow as little feet struggled on their way. There were many more pretty sights to see and Yorkshire showed its true beauty. ER pointed out that some trees were swimming in the reservoir.....

However TV awoke and still didn't look impressed by our plans to find and feed the Ducks, even though she was being pushed around all day and didn't have to do any work....

But when she was asked she didn't want to go swimming herself because it would be too cold. We got to out furthest point and still hadn't seen any Ducks. I skimming a few rocks in the reservoir. It started to rain and TV needed her cover putting on, so we decided to turn back round and get to the car for some warmth.

As we arrived back, the wheels had plenty of mud on them. We pulled away in the car and went to Starbucks so we could all get warm. ER and mummy had a nice warm hot chocolate whilst I had a Tea and TV had a nice warm bottle of milk all to herself. Maybe another day we will find some ducks and be able to feed them, but today wasn't the day for that, maybe it was too cold, or the Ducks had been previously fed too much?

But do not let this be the last words from me as ER wanted to wave to everyone who reads my blog, until the next post.....