Friday 6 January 2012

Unbelievable Jeff !

Sat here trying to think what to write for this weeks blog post and it's a bit challenging. I'm sat here as my girlfriend has gone for her first run post pregnancy. Eldest child is a sleep in bed, as to is the youngest. My laptop placed on my knee and Gillette Soccer Saturdays Christmas special is on T.V (Purely because I didn't get time to watch it over Christmas so I shall watch it now.)  I love watching the Soccer Saturday show, it makes me laugh and has all the highs and lows of football, the joy of winning and the sorrow of losing as well as the laughter of the banter between friends that you feel a part of , anyway back to my post.....

Everyday this year (I know we are only 6 days into it) I have updated my blog by participating in the 366 challenge, this has allowed me the chance to find an opportunity each day to take a photo and post it on my blog. So far I've took a photo of myself with a basket on my head, a few of my daughter, a mad face that I drew and a photo of my M&M sweet dispenser, (the missus says this item is ruining her peaceful and ideal dining room.

I'm finding doing this challenge as I term it great, I am eagerly always looking for a great photo to shoot and uplaod, to capture a unique moment in the day with my camera and then think of a quirky pun for each photo.

This makes me think, I have always enjoyed taking photos and upload them on Facebook / Twitter etc and have always enjoyed looking through them on my laptop and getting them printed out and framing them. Today through the post came a leaflet about adult courses taking place at a local school....hang on them thoughts for one of moment please Chris Kamara is just on screen singing, its always a cry with laughter moment when he's on screen.....

Unbelievable Jeff ! Anywho as I was saying a leaflet came through the door about adult learning courses. My girlfriend has always been looking at these to do and for something to do. I noticed they had photography courses and I admit it would be nice to do something like this, I guess the reason why I'm writing about this partly because I have nothing else to write about but, also if I've wrote it and published it then I will have more emphasis to do it.

So for 2012 I am not going to write some resolution on how I want to better myself, if I want to do that I don't need to wait till the start of a new year, week or month I'll just do it. My challenge to myself this year is to improve myself in something I enjoy doing, I am going to do a beginners photography course, just something for me to enjoy and hopefully get good at. 

Anyway the missus has just came back from her run, panting, breathless and saying, "I'm F@#£ing Knackered" guess she enjoyed her run, or at least I hope it was just a run ;)

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  1. Who the dickens is unbelievable Jeff?!

    He looks far to energetic - what that man needs is a large G&T...

    Lovely photo of you two there - I hardly recognise you without your tache!