Wednesday 31 October 2012

Day 306 nap time on daddy

Now this is a moment to savour, it's been months since my youngest daughter has slept in my arms. She use to love nothing more when she was a newborn than sleeping in her daddy's arms and it is something I have deeply missed. But now here she us cuddled up into daddy and sleeping safely, although she is snoring a lot more than she use to but, as the first line said, this is a moment I am happy and I am savouring....

Day 305 Halloween

Both daughters have been dressing up for all the ghostly goings on. Eldest is a witch with her crafty broom, she has been busy making spells all day full or eye if newts and dog hairs, whilst youngest us a pumpkin....

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Day 304 The 3 Bears and the porridge

On these cold autumn mornings there's nothing like a warm bowl if porridge to get your day off right and get your warm. Myself, and both daughters did just that today. Mine was if course the biggest bowl, mixed with lovely syrup, yum yum. Eldest daughter was the next largest mixed with chocolate and lastly but not leastly came youngest daughter who had plain porridge, time to get stuck in....

Monday 29 October 2012

Day 303 white trainers

Eldest daughter has been walking round the house today in her new bright whiter than white trainers. She looks like a throw back to the 80's in her pink leggings to match. Never the less she's happy and it keeps her quiet during half term week, in my day white trainers got stood on ASAP to christen them....

Sunday 28 October 2012

Day 302 Mickeys Clubhouse

Youngest daughter has a favourite TV show. She loves Mickey Mouses Clubhouse. She will happily bop along to the songs and clap her hands, it's quite a cute sight especially when she turns to you and smiles all proud at herself. Sometimes she gets carried away and just has to go up to the screen for a closer look...

Day 301 cuppa

Is it break time ?

Friday 26 October 2012

Day 300 Skyfall

Today's the day, the new bond movie was released. Of course being a huge Bond fan meant I had to see it today, so me and Gertie duly went. The movie itself is a masterpiece one of the great Bond movies. It had all the classic Bond element but brought in to the 21st Century with style.

Craig is great as Bond and truly now owns the role, and the villain? Well Javier Bardem is a great villain, egotistical and scary, like a classic Bind villain of the 60s. I won't give anything away as the producers have done a great job keeping elements if the movie a secret but should you go see the movie, and u strongly recommend you do, you won't be disappointed....

Thursday 25 October 2012

Monday 22 October 2012

Day 298 Yummy Yummy

Youngest daughter loves peas, well she loves food to be fair, but she certainly loves peas....

Day 297 Daddy's Cooking

Gertie has gone back to work life, we knew this day would come, I would have to cook dinner for the girls. I thought long and hard about would should I cook them. A Sunday roast? Tuna bake, maybe something from the pages if Gordon Ramsey? Nah how about I make them something I loved as a kid fish fingers and peas, Jon done, what next beans on toast with sausages ?

Sunday 21 October 2012

Day 296 arm bands

Eldest daughter received a balloon animal yesterday, unfortunately before I could take a picture if her balloon duck are had destroyed it, however she did improvise and use them balloon arm bands, I think they look more like handcuffs, what do you think?

Day 295 Silhouettes

I've been going through my phone pictures today and realised I missed out sharing this photo. It's quite a nice picture if me and eldest daughter walking whilst the dark if night descends....

Saturday 20 October 2012

Day 294 Climbing

Youngest daughter, as with any child in there first year, has been developing each day. Today age managed to climb the couch. At first at our shock as we didn't see her do it, then with a clap to say well done, now after her doing it all day we are tired as we have to run and get her off the couch before she flings herself mad off it. Many more days of pulling her off the couch ensue I am sure....
She finds her climbing spot and attempts to pull one foot up....
before failing in her first attempt, she prepares her other leg and pulls a face whilst doing so....
success! She has one leg up and soon will have another leg up...
smiling due to her success feeling proud of herself she now makes herself feel comfy...
and poses for the camera looking as if she is getting ready to jump off.

Thursday 18 October 2012

Day 292 Goodbye good friend

A sad day today, one if my Leeds festival bands has had to be removed from my wrist as it needs to retire to my memory box. The wrist band was hanging on by a thread so rather risk losing it it was cut off. Enjoy retirement friend...

Wednesday 17 October 2012


OH (Ginger) decided to treat me for my birthday, so she had planned a trip for us. She kept the location and details a closely guarded secret. Until 2 days before our trip I had no idea where we were going, but her mum accidently let slip and told me we were off to Liverpool. I was thrilled as this was where I went to Uni and somewhere I love to go. We arrived and were staying in some apartments in the city centre called signature living. The apartments were great, finished to a high spec, and were close to everything the city has to offer. They were priced reasonably and the staff were amazing, considering it was an apartment, where I thought we'd be left on our own the staff were clearly visible and easily accessible should we need them, but everything was great and we didn't need them. They would check up on us on a daily basis to ensure everything was up to standard which was good to know, I'd certainly recommend them if you ever go to Liverpool and will be using them again on my next visit.

Waking up at my own bodies request this morning was great, I didn't have to wake to make a bottle or to do the school run, I woke when my body was ready to. The day ahead had been vaguely planned the previous evening but there are many gaps, due to my Ginger planning something for me age us being strangely mysterious about and not giving any clues away.

We started the day as any other with breakfast before parking the car in a cheaper place than we dumped it last night and the headed to the city centre. Liverpool, since 2008 has changed dramatically in the shopping area, with Liverpool 1 now the main area. It's a clean well maintained area and nice to walk around, however we didn't spend much time here as we were simply walking through to get to the Albert docks. Here we went to the Beatles story, a museum dedicated to the Fab 4. I had been previously in my Uni days but my Ginger hasn't been before. It's a great museum full of Beatles memorabilia and tells you all about each band member and paints a picture of Liverpool at the time. It's hard when you live here not to be Engrossed in the 60s as there are plenty of reminders. Walking through the museum shows you the awesome power, and legacy the Beatles have and reminds you, if you should ever forget which is hard to do in Liverpool of just how stunningly Iconic the Beatles are.

For the evening of our second day Ginger had a surprise in store, As time ticked, she gave nothing away, except say something, then get confused and reply, "I think it's just best you do as I say!" Whatever could it be? We set off on our merry way, me feeling a little nervous due to knowing Ginger was in charge. We walked past a pub where she said, oh we're early lets get a drink, so we did. 20 minutes later sat at our table I was hit over the head, it was my friend Don whom I lived with at Uni, for a split second I thought he'd just bumped into us, then I realised this wasn't the case and infact my surprise was an evening with Don and his fiancé Gina. Which was great as I always meet up with Don for a drink when I'm in Liverpool but its been over a year since my last visit and so to have a full night out to catch up brings me back to my Uni days.

After our brief drink we left for our meal which again was a closely guarded secret by Don and everyone, and that is where my picture lies. The meal was at Liverpool fc's home. My spiritual home, Anfield. It was at the Boot Room restaurant. I'd always wanted to go here just never got the chance, but today was my day. We ate our meal and Don was served his, as he was he realised he knew the manager, so as an extra treat his friend gave us programmes from the last game, against Manchester United. This was a significant game not only because it was against a bitter local rival but because it was our first home game since the Hillsborough truth was unveiled. I collect footy programmes so this one will be special in my collection. The meal was great, the company was fantastic and everyone was having a good time. The girls bought cocktails which took 7 minutes to make, that's not because the staff took their time, it actually takes 7 minutes to make and when it came it was pretty strong.

After the meal we headed to town for some more drinks, we headed to the Cavern club, an appropriate place to finish our day after our tour of the Beatles museum. Live bands were playing Beatles songs. This was Gingers first time in the cavern. Myself and Don had been here plenty as had Gina, there's no way you can live in Liverpool without going to the cavern at least once. The walls are steeped in history, people writing their babes on there visit. Although this isn't the original cavern it still holds many memories if different people's pilgrimage to this rock historical site, there's also plenty if memories of big, famous bands coming to play here just to be part if that history. We stayed for quite a few hours, drinking, listening, laughing and building a glass bottle tower, which the bar staff weren't too impressed with and in all it was a great night, a great night that has led Ginger to be sick, and extremely hung over the next morning, me I'm just happy.

Our last day of freedom in the city of Liverpool saw us take in a spot of shopping. Ginger didn't wake up until noon due to the previous nights antics. We went for some food before walking round the shops in the redeveloped Liverpool One area. The area was built as part of Liverpools redevelopment for the 2008 capital of culture bid. If you have never been I'd strongly recommend it as its stylish, yet peaceful area to walk round. It boosts shops for everyone from HMV and Zara to John Lewis and Sports Direct. It also has an entertainment and food part of the complex. After grabbing some food we took our time to walk round the shops and liked for presents and Christmas ideas for the children and family.

After Ginger did some Sobering (She still claims she was just ill but we all know different) up we went back to our apartment to get ready for the evening. Ginger had bought us tickets to go see John Bishop live at the Echo Arena, he is one of my favourite comedians. I saw him live in 2010 in Bradford with my mate Jonny. He was great there, really funny with life observational humour. I was looking forward to seeing him again after she told me at the start of the week we were going to see him, our seats were right at the front and the stage was pretty impressive. His show was again very funny with a few surprises on the way, however I don't want to go into detail about his jokes etc just incase in ruins any show you may go to if his, lets just say the way he ends his show is in particular quite funny, and I can see me having the same parenting mentality as the 'Bish' once my children get older.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. The Liverpool trip was over. It was great to go back to the city, and I was so happy to be there. At the end of the trip I was looking forward to seeing my daughters whom I hadn't seen for 3-4 days but I was also sad. Sad because Liverpool is a city I love being in, I feel at home there because I know it's ins and outs, where everything is, where is good to go and where to avoid. I feel comfortable there, Liverpool to me feels home. I have many happy memories there, of which I've just added more to it. I still have friends there, and at moment I don't have that in York. But it's something else I can't quite put my finger on, some deep lying connection with Liverpool that I can't transform into words, after I left Leeds where I'd lived for 2 and a half years I don't get the same feeling when I return. I guess this must be how Ginger feels about York.

Day 291 Playing

Last week they were fighting today they are playing. It's a great sight for any parent their children playing nicely together. The house is full if both their laughter as they play with a simple wash basket. All the money we spend on toys and the thing that brings them together is a wash basket as they pretend its a boat. Eldest is singing a song and youngest laughs enjoying the boat going side to side, meanwhile I can sit and watch the footy...

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Day 290 Crash Landing

I took this photo when I was in Liverpool. I forgot to use it but I still wanted to share it. This was in the middle of Liverpool, it's a piece if art called elevator. I can't remember exactly what the blurb said but it was, as you can see a lift that has crashed. I don't mean to be disrespectful to the artist who designed it but I thought it was a TARDIS first....

Monday 15 October 2012

Sunday 14 October 2012

Day 288 Moustaches

Both daughters today have been sporting moustaches, soon I will be growing moustache for charity for Movember, which you can read about here. I will blog about this next month, with regular updates, but I just hope I can grow one as good as these...

Saturday 13 October 2012

Day 287 Gangnam Style

Todays picture is actually a video. Saturday morning to me means getting up having a bacon sarnie a cuppa and watching soccer a.m Recently my routine has been joined by my OH and my daughters. So today when Soccer a.m had Trigger on dancing to gangnam style I thought youngest would start in her dance, however she seemed uninterested in Trigs dance, maybe I'll capture her dancing one day....
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Friday 12 October 2012

Day 286 smiles

This week it's felt like I've only had pictures featuring the younger of our daughters, so today I have looked to rectify this and give eldest her time in the blogging limelight, so here she is full of smiles and ready for the weekend...

Thursday 11 October 2012

285 she's a rock n roll star

Youngest daughter decided last night was the night to showcase her musical talents. Here she is playing the piano, Mozart? Or maybe more like stevie wonder ?

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Day 284 Baby Tin Tin

Today's picture isn't actually one I took, it's one from my OH Gingers blog, she took this the other day and I thought it was a great capture and one you couldn't replicate again. Don't worry she was in no danger but our youngest daughter certainly looks like a baby Tintin here. It was featured yesterday in the official tin tin website so now she's a star, Hollywood beckons?

You can see more of Gingers work and blog here

Monday 8 October 2012

Day 283 poorly girly

Poor baby girl, she's come down with a little bug, she caught if off mummy and so has her sister. She's been that bad with coughing her little lungs she's woken up the last 2 nights, but nothing makes her feel better than relaxing with daddy and getting a kiss, together we are team awesome, I think I'll be getting sick next though...

Day 282 fight

Two daughters fighting and the littlest comes out in top. She's a big bully really...

Sunday 7 October 2012

Saturday 6 October 2012

Day 280 Bear Hat

As eldest daughter would say in a squeaky tone, "hey, what's that bear doing wearing that hat, silly old bear"

Thursday 4 October 2012

Day 279 You expect me to talk

Today marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond on the silver screen. Now I'm a massive Bond fan and can't wait to see the new film at the end of the month. The Bond franchise us something us Brits can be truly proud of and is something that can, at the best of times as Roger Moore once said, "Keep the British end up".

Of the 22 (soon 23) films there have been many great scenes and actors/actresses to pick out just one to be you favourite as a fan would be nigh on impossible. To pick a favourite film again would be, but the 3 that come closest to winning that accolade to me are, Casino Royale, The Living Daylights or Goldfinger.

Again to pick out the best, or my favourite Bond is a tough task, but that award currently lies with Sean Connery for me. He was a great Bond, great action and actor. He had more good movies than any other, but I can easily see Daniel Craig taking over this award the way he is going. Just as I side note I really liked Timothy Dalton as Bond, playing a more darker version just, just like the books were written, if he had more Bond Films he may well have been number 1 for me.

So from me it's Happy Birthday Commander Bond, here's to 50 more years....

Day 278 Liverpool Wheel

This is the sight outside Liverpool arena. Like many cities nowadays, Liverpool has an 'eye' a Ferris wheel which gives you a view of the famous city. Liverpool's is located on the riverfront next to the impressive Echo arena. It has to be said that in the night it looks very spectacular and beautiful...

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Day 277 The Bish

Gertie (OH) bought us tickets to go see one of my favourite comedians whilst we are in Liverpool. So tonight is the night we go see him, John Bishop. I am hoping its a good show with it being a home town gig, I'm ready to laugh...

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Day 276 Liverpool surprises

Today is the second day of my trip to Liverpool. OH has had a surprise planned for me today, of which I have no idea what is in store.

As time ticked, she gave nothing away, except say something, then get confused and reply, "I think it's just best you do as I say!" Whatever could it be?

We set off on our merry way, me feeling a little nervous due to knowing OH was in charge. We walked past a pub where she said, oh we're early lets get a drink, so we did. 20 minutes later sat at our table I was hit over the head, it was my friend Don whom I lived with at Uni, for a split second I thought he'd just bumped into us, then I realised this wasn't the case and infact my surprise was an evening with Don and his fiancé Gina.

After our brief drink we left for our meal which again was a closely guarded secret by Don and everyone, and that is where my picture lies. The meal was at Liverpool fc's home. My spiritual home, Anfield. It was at the Boot Room restaurant. I'd always wanted to go here just never got the chance, but today was my day, thanks Gertie...

Monday 1 October 2012

Day 275 Liverpool

It's over a month to go until my birthday but my OH has decided to treat me early. We have escaped away from the kids for 3 nights and in what was meant to be a surprise, ( it had been a surprise for 4 months until OH's mother had accidently said on Saturday.)

Liverpool is my favourite city of all them I've been privileged to see, I spent 3 wonderful years there as a student and would be back living there in a heart beat if I could convince the family.

4 days in my fave city, with what I'm told are a few surprises thrown in, what a great present, thank you OH