Wednesday 29 February 2012

A musical journey; February

After recently reading a blog post by musodad which you can read here, I was inspired to do something similar. Music is a big part of my life, I often go to gigs and festivals with my friends and subsequently have many memories linked to music.
I always listen to music before or after work it helps me focus and helps me de-stress. So after moving 30 minutes away from work I find myself listening a lot more to my CD's and occasionally the Radio. ( I know one day I'll upgrade my car stereo so I can play my I-Pod)

So each month I will be writing about the 3 artists I've been listening to the most, the albums that I have listen to and do forth. Maybe not the most compelling of writing but I'll try. So this month here goes;

1: Van Halen
A great Glam band. I've been listening recently to there new album, a different kind of truth. Truth be told its not that great, not when you compare it to there old songs. In all honesty I'm not the kind of fan that has all their old albums and can make clever intrigue comments on song on song. I purely have their greatest hits; best of both worlds which is a fantastic collection of their songs. After a few listens of their new album I reverted back to listening to the greatest hits collection. I'm sure if you're a die hard fan you'll love to new album and love that David Lee Roth ( their original singer) is back with them. But if you're looking for the songs like jump and can't stop loving you you'll not find them hear. I hope you don't think I'm not a Van Halen fan, I am, just I'll admit I;m not a hardcore fan and like the old songs you could sing a-long to, the power ballads etc. Still if they come to the UK this year to your ill don my leather jacket for a good rock out, might even put some spandex on and a mullet!

2: REM
I was given for a birthday present REM's recent greatest hits. And due to not being in the mind frame have I really sat down and listened to it. Again REM isn't a band I have liked enough previously to go out and buy their albums, so having their greatest hits is enough for me. My favourite song of there's has to be end of the world (as we know it). I think it s a brilliant song, very fast paced and when in your car trying to sing along it shows the gulf in difference from your voice to Michael stipes. Obviously there are other songs of theirs that I like such as everybody hurts, pop song 2000 etc, but I suppose it's end of the world that always gets me singing a-long kind of bouncing in my car.

3: Gaslight Anthem
Ahhhh now this is one of my favourite ever bands. If you've never heard of them I'd strongly suggest doing so. They hail from New Jersey and if, like me you are a big Bruce Springsteen fan then you'll love them. They have the sound and essence of the Boss himself and, very much so like the Boss, have a story to tell in their songs. Of their 3 albums I can not say I have a distinct favourite song, although 59 sound (which is probably their most recognisable song) is a song that always gets me smiling. Red Sky at Night from their first album Sink or Swim is another song I'd recommend that makes me think of my time travelling around America as it resembles southern USA music. Listening to this song makes me want to learn the Harmonica, I love the sound it makes on the track and the Gaslight Anthem, as does Bruce Springsteen makes me want to pick up my Guitar that I've got and learn how to use properly.

The Gaslight Anthem I've been lucky to see twice, both in Leeds, Once at the festival and once at the 02 academy and I have to admit they are fantastic live. I love seeing bands who talk to the crowd and try explain things about their songs and connect with their fans. They are currently writing their 4th album and I'll be seeing them hen they next head over hear and I am desperately hoping they are supporting Bruce Springsteen when he tours this summer.

Anyway, thank you for reading my first Musical post, I will try working on it and get better. next month promises to be good as I am already aware of what artists I will be listening to due to some great releases from some of my favourite bands.

Thank you to Musodad who inspired this post, please visit his post it's a lot better, again check out his blog here.


  1. Love it! Thanks for the shout out mate *blushes* Have only heard a couple of Gaslight Anthem songs but you've tempted me to check out more. Will let you know what I think, cheers again.

    1. No problem, thank you for reading and the comment. Hope you enjoy the Gaslight Anthem