Sunday 26 February 2012

Day 57; Wembley....

We have spent most of today waiting, watching, being tense and celebrating the football. You see today was the league cup final. Often this competition is ridiculed and made to seem like the trophy no-one wants or cares about. I myself will admit from time to time in the middle of disappointment of defeat of said such things but in the end it comes down to one thing everyone should remember. This is a trophy and undoubtedly a football team, a football player is always, always judged on success and how many medals they have.

Sure finishing 4th in the league carries significant financial rewards, but there is no trophy for finishing 4th, there is nothing to put in your clubs museum to showcase, just zeros on your chairman's bank balance.

So today has been spent counting down and waiting.....
Getting ready with our tops and Getting out choice of drink....

Watching tensely the spectacle itself....

Then celebrating at the end if it all....
It never goes to plan but, as long ad the outcome is what you desire it is worth it in the end. We can proudly hold our heads up, shake the other teams hand and say well done you were unlucky and the celebrate through the night that win which will now go down in history as the first at the new Wembley.

Alas there are always those who can't stand the pace and much go to bed early....

But well done to the men in red, you've made us proud once again, YNWA.


  1. Huge Liverpool fans here too, what a great day

    1. Thanks for the comment, hopefully this is onwards and upwards

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the comment, I'm sure one day she'll smile at LFC haha