Wednesday 15 February 2012

Day 46: A nice sceanery

Often my pictures turn out to be about an event of the day,something we did as a family or more often or not a picture of the girls. Last week with all the snow there was lots of beautiful scenery I could and should of took a picture of. However Winter can still be beautiful without the snow. Today's picture is of that itself.

When I was a boy (now I sound really old saying that) I use to enjoy going out on my bike for a bike ride. I lived in a small town with lots of countryside around it and I enjoyed riding my bike down country lanes past green fields and waving trees. Then when  I found the right spot I'd prop my bike up and sit and listen and think. Just sit there, letting seconds turn into minutes and before I knew it, it;d be time to get back on my bike a cycle home.

I often enjoyed this and although it might have sound a look weird a 13 year old child doing this it helped me. I had a great upbringing, nothing to be sorry for or worry about. No real issues. I just occasionally, as I do now in adult life prefer my own company at times. I just like to sit and think, try to gather my thoughts, plot where I am going, but also just let my mind wander. Theres never been any set sequence to getting through my thoughts just sit at a nice quiet space with no distractions, nice scenery and think.

Now as most parents tell you, the capacity to do this grows less due to the wants and needs of family life and work life. My thought process is often restricted to toilet breaks, which I have grown fond of over time. But one day I will dust my bike off and go for a bike ride by myself and pick a spot just like today's picture where I can go, listen to the birds chirp and sing, hear the wind rustle the leaves, smell the fresh grass and take in all that I see and just listen to the environment and to my thoughts and what my mind is telling me. I think this is an important part of life. People do meditation and yoga to relax, I guess this is my version of that, this is how I de stress.....

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