Thursday 24 November 2011

Movember - Strike back of the Tasche!

So I thought it as about time to give an update of all things Tasche related ! The Mo is growing very nicely, the massive sideburns have now gone as I decided to update my tasche and perfect it halfway through the month. This is how it now looks.....

So, theres nothing else much to report on this front, money is still being brought in, my mum has done a fantastic job like she did last year getting all her work colleagues to sponsor my furry upper lip. So far I have raised around £50 and ok its not a huge amount at least it's something and every little penny helps with research.

So only 6 days to go till my furry friend will be shaved off, but as I see Tom Selleck on T.V with his tasche I find comfort knowing that I could stand next to Tom and shout, Tom me and you are men and we have moustaches!

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