Wednesday 29 February 2012

Day 60; The awkward looks....

I love this poster.....
I couldn't agree more. You may or may not have noticed people wear shoes that don't look like shoes but have separate slots for your toes. Like gloves for your toes. They aren't the latest fashion statement but instead something that allows those who prefer barefoot training a comfortable way to do it whilst supporting your foot. I often get people ask me, "is it not bad for you", "are they not uncomfortable" to which I often reply, "Your feet are like your hands with separate muscles and bones, and you don't cage your hands in all day everyday, do you?" I love my tatty red ones and would love another pair.....


  1. never seen these before, are they nit a bit chilly in the winter or do your feet toughen up?

    1. Thanks for the comment, I wouldn't wear them in the snow and things and if they get wet your feet get cold but other than that it just feels like walking around barefoot, which I love.