Tuesday 14 February 2012

Day 45: Valentines Day

It would be pretty hard not to do today's picture about Valentines. In years since past it was always a day that passed me with no significance. But this year I not only have an incredibly beautiful girlfriend to celebrate it with but also two wonderful children.

Valentines is a day that I've always been a bit weary of as I don't believe you should need an excuse, a day to show your love to someone. That surely should be everyday. But I guess as long as you do keep valentines a regular occurrence in your everyday life there's nothing wrong with embracing this day as a little extra something.

So I awoke this morning to give my girlfriend some flowers, chocolates and some bath soaks, she reciprocated in cooking me a full English and craftily shaped the toast and egg into a love heart.

But what I also just realised is Valentines shouldn't just be for lovers but be for those you love in your life and my two girls decided to give me a picture of there hand prints. How cute.

Happy Valentines Everyone.

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