Monday 24 September 2012

A musical journey August - Festivals

So this months musical post is inspired from the festival season that we've just passed. I've been lucky enough to attend a few festivals in past years and I love the atmosphere and the whole gathering. From the large festivals to the small local day festivals. It is something that I always look forward to ever year and I am always happy to go try new festivals I haven't been to previously.

This months post then are about 3 bands who I discovered at festivals. Well not me personally discovering them and unleashing them on the world, just 3 bands I never heard of before a festival, and have since liked them, here they are:

1; Little Man Tate
A band from Sheffield, and a band that no longer exists. They were quite a good little band and had a few good catchy songs. I saw them in 2007 at Leeds festival, I guess being from Sheffield they were always in the arctic monkeys shadow. My fave song of theirs was this, house party at Boothys...

2; Seasick Steve
I saw Seasick Steve in 2008, I liked his beard and his random was. In the programme he also was wearing the same shirt as me, could this have been a glimpse into my future, a hobo playing made up instruments at festivals?

3; Goldie Lookin' Chain
GLC a crowd pleaser, first seen in 2004, comic rap gold, with an array of crowd pleasing hits. On stage they opened the festival on Friday and were joined by their welsh friends, Dirty Sanchez. Many songs about random things later they made the UK rap scene cool. After this show I managed to see them another 3 times as they supported loads of other bands, my favourite song was, your missus is a nutter, tidy...

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