Monday 31 December 2012

Day 365 driving

Youngest daughter Violet was kindly given a ride on car for Christmas. Those of you who read my blog will know that at her playgroup she loves jumping on them and being pushed around whilst rudely pointing at people as she passes them. Well now she has a new habit playing on her phone! This is in fact one if my pet hates and i always shout at people i see driving on there phones. That's some jail time there...

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  1. there was a guy stopped next to us at the traffic lights on the roundabout a few weeks back who had been driving whilst talking on his phone...I hate people who do that a well. I was driving, so hubby tooted the horn and pretended to take a picture of him. He was livid and followed us all the way home and demanded we had no right to take the picture and wanted it erased. So I nicely asked him if he wanted I would phone the police for him so he could get them to make sure it was erased...he left quite quickly