Monday 19 November 2012

Day 323 the gig

Tonight we went to see my fave band Feeder live. It's one of many times I've seen them live, this time in Manchester. However I'd like to say thank you to the bands bass player, Taka. I had some trouble with my ticket not being delivered. The box office were refusing to re-issue me a ticket so I tweeted Taka my situation in the hope he'd see it and help and he did just that. Proof why they are such a good band, they care for their fans and write some cracking songs.

The gig itself was fantastic as always, stood pretty close to the front they played a great blend on new and old songs to please all fans. The crowd itself were pretty energetic too and the band could see this and rose to that energy. My highlight was hearing them play sweet 16 it's been a longtime since I heard that live, here's a clip....

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