Wednesday 23 May 2012

Running to the Zombie beats

Around a month again I was tagged in a twitter post by Musodad. He had suggested to another blogger to ask myself and a few other music bloggers about guest posting. The challenge was set Rhiannon from a Hell of a woman was facing the challenge of from couch to 10k which you can read about here and, after reading up in her challenge and what she wanted bloggers to guest write I though it was a great idea.

As I started writing I started initially offering help and advice, which, I am sure would help people. Myself, I am a keen runner and a qualified personal trainer, I enjoy it and find it very relaxing. Yet as I was writing my original draft I noticed it sounded samey, your typical advice that you. Could get from any book or website.

I then scrapped my idea and decided to put my professional head away and instead write about, what I feel are the rules of creating a good playlist to rub to, my twist to this was the fear of a zombie race taking over the world in the not too distant future.

Please read my guest post here, and while you are there please read up on a hell of a woman's challenge here. You can also follow Rhiannon on twitter @The_Last_Slayer

Enjoy and good luck running away from all those zombies, as Shaun of the dead taught us remember you can survive by decapitating them!

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