Thursday 3 May 2012

Day 124 Gulp

OH went to a wedding fair the other day. Great you might think, only problem is we aren't actually engaged. Straight away all men's internal alarm sets! You can read about her day out here

She had a good day and didn't need to make some elaborate story about how she got the tickets saying she 'won them' any who I've stolen a pic from her day as now she has out wedding planned, even though we both know there won't be any wedding anytime soon.


  1. if you want the piece of paper wedding doesnt need to be posh and lavish. if you want posh and lavish then I hope you get it one day.....but then again if you are happy as you are the piece of paper wont make any difference to you. just stay happy

  2. I think she ought to have that dress and wear it anyway, who needs a wedding to feel like a princess for the day?