Thursday 26 April 2012

The Great Gig Meme in The Sky....

A few weeks ago I was tagged in a meme, the meme was in Romanian Mum In London's blog which you can find here. The post itself was a guest post written by the retired musodad, which you can find here, who, like a band that had previously split up did a comeback tour as a one last hurrah *cough* money spinner *cough*

So I have taken a while to reply to the questions posted one reason is that I wanted to think about them, another and probably the most plausible reason is that I have been really lazy in my blog postings recently. So here goes:

1; First gig
Ahhh my first gig. I remember it was when I was 14, my sister bought me the ticket for my birthday. She came with me to the gig. I wish I could lie and say my first gig was someone undoubtedly cool and ever-lasting in music. The band I went to see first however has left us with some memorable tunes, I am not ashamed to say I've seen them, I'm glad I did, maybe just had preferred a different band for my first gig.

The band I first saw was Savage Garden. This was in Newcastle. Now they were a great show, the front man I remember was a Entertainer and they were really good live. Many people laugh when I say they were my first live band, but like say I'm not embarrassed to say they were, I still like there songs, they are catchy, and the gig was good, I remember getting quite a bit of stick from my school friends at the time for seeing them bit meh, who cares I survived it.

2: Worst gig
There's not too many bad gigs that spring to my mind. I've been lucky enough to see quite a few good bands. Theres a few bad acts I've seen as a result of being at a festival and just going along to see a band because no-one else has been on and I couldn't be bothered to go back to my tent as there's a band coming on next I want to see.

I'd say of this bunch last year I was at live at Leeds with my friends. I remember all the posters were dotted around town and had the full line up. Live at Leeds is kind if like a gig crawl, around the city there are different venues with different musicians on. One of the top acts their last year was James Blake. He was tipped to make it big last year by the radio and NME etc. so without ever hearing anything of his me and my mates went along to his 4pm show, by 4:15 we had left, I can honestly say that was one if the most depressing dull acts I'd ever seen. All his songs sounded the same and had all sounded like he was too depressed to do anything but cry. His singing didn't even sound human it sounded more like a whales mating call!

3: Best gig
This could only be one gig, without doubt it had to be when I saw Bruce Springsteen in Manchester in 2008. The gig was fantastic, the Boss is and always be one of my favourite musicians. He, in my eyes has never wrote a bad song that I've heard and his live shows certainly live up to his music. The E street band that accompany him are of course also of equally high measure and the fact the band and the Boss go on staff with no set list but the first couple of songs and the judge the mood and feel of the gig shows how good and In sync the band are with each other.

I'm delighted to say ill get to see them again this summer in Sunderland, and I'm sure it'll be an equally as good show, albeit quite sad as the big man Clarence Clemons Wont be there but I'm sure the Boss and the E-street band will do him justice. There's nothing like seeing a 60 year old man power slide across the stage on his knees to make you realise that he truly us a genius.

After the gig also was coupled with a great night out, and isn't that the point of the gig. Not just the show itself but the stories you have of the night out afterwards. Me and my mate jack were staying in Manchester. I drove, I bought the tickets, all he had to do was sort the hotel, which he did, for £20 each in the city centre which I thought bargain! What he didn't tell me until we got there that it was a certain sexual preference hotel of which we were not! No difference, a bed is a bed after all. A night of many drinks around Manchester followed of which most stories I can not place on this blog :O

4: Last gig
Feeder in Sheffield. This was the 16th time I had seen this great band. They are my favourite band. I went to see them with my OH for the first time and my trusty side kick Disco Dave for the 16th time. Now many people say if you've seen them that many times you could act their show. True I always know what song they finish on but they do release new music and play them their gigs. They also regularly play songs they haven't done got years from their back catalogue.

In Sheffield it had coincided with the day of their new album being released. I had already feverishly listened to the whole album a few times and do was well acquainted with many of the new songs. They played a large majority of these, at the dismay to a few people behind me. I understand that some 'fans' may be annoyed at this but I see it from the bands point of view that they want people to hear their new music. They still played all their favourites but blended then in between new songs.

Now obviously I am going to be biased as I love all their songs and do they could've played their entire first album or their new album and I would still love every second of it. The gig itself was great and I've already got my ticket to gig number 17 bring it on.

6: Dream gig
This is a tough one as the rule of the original post stipulated it must not be the stereotypical answers of a band like the Beatles or Jimi Hendrix as these were obviously not around in my lifetime, but instead a band or musician I could've easily seen but didn't.

I guess for this dream gig I'd have to say it would be Tom Jones. Now I know very well that he's still alive and still active in the music industry and maybe one day I will get to see him. I think the man is a legend in the music industry and the reason why I chose him is simply that I've been privileged alot musically in my life that I've seen many of my favourite acts and artists live, quite a few time. There's many smaller bands that I like that I have never seen but these have never been dream gigs to me, they are simply would've been nice to see.

Similarly it would be great to see Bon Jovi or Robbie Williams live, but as they often tour the UK I am often confident that this will undoubtedly happen. However with Tom Jones I am less confident, I think what would make it a dream gig would be to see him live in somewhere like Las Vegas. I'd love to see a big act live in America, I've been to sporting events there and everything just seems to happen on a larger scale, and I'm sure Sir Tom wouldn't disappoint.

But now who to tag? The whole point of a meme is to tag people in it. Or should I just break the golden rule and not? Surely I can;t do that can I ? Well I think not tagging anyone would be disrespectful to Musodad who started this post and also Romanian Mum who kindly borrowed her blog for tis to happen.

So I will tag a few people. First my OH @ourpeagreenpod she probably won't do it because she hates memes, but its worth a try isn't it?

Next I'm going to have to tag @firsttimedaddy , purly beacuse we have had a few football related discussion on twitter and now I'd like to see his music tastes.

After this I am going to invite @saskadad , one of my new followers, I;m intrigued to hear his musical tastes. As well as @thejdaddy .

That is all for now, but if you want to join in please do so and comment me the link.

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  1. Great post mate, thanks for joining in. Forget what people said about Savage Garden, we're all entitled to our Guilty Pleasures and anyway, you've seen The Boss! (bet they haven't :) Will add the songs to the Spotify playlist. We've got such a great mix now.

  2. Jack says he's under the impression you enjoyed those sort of hotels, thats why he picked it for. He say's it was a good night though. x