Monday 16 April 2012

Easter at Nanas

The past few days we have spent at the girls Nanas for Easter, this was time well spent. She hadn't seen the girls for around 6 weeks and since then had been on holiday. This means however the girls got spoilt....

They obviously got plenty of Easter eggs that thankfully after a few days she forgot how many and so the sugar highs have been reduced. Even youngest child TV who is only 4 months old got an Easter egg, but alas I guess I will have to eat it for her on account she has no teeth, yet.

Whilst at Nanas house we obviously got to spend some quality time with family and allow the children to play with there cousin. The nicest thing was getting to catch up with my old school friends many if whom were also back up for the weekend. Now some of these I see regularly and some not do regularly.

Within my group of friends there's only really one who has kids. Another friend of mine I hadn't seen for around 5 years has recently had a child. Whilst a few of my other friends were there who hadn't any desire to have any kids anytime soon.

I heard a sentence I thought I was a good 10 years off hearing from eldest daughter when she said, "Im watching the football, cos that boy smiled at me" uh oh was my first though it's started already, teenage crushes on boys when she's only 4!!!!

The weekend speant at Nanas though ultimately allowed me and my OH some greatly recieved adult time. Nana looking after the girls, whilst we go for a curry and then plenty if alcoholic refreshments, lovely indeed and I end up walking in the pubs store cupboard instead out of the door which was there the last time I visited this pub, I swear!

Now the weekend is over there's only 1 thing left to do, and that's eat the kids Easter eggs, of course we are doing this to ensure they don't eat too much and be unhealthy, of course.

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