Saturday 18 August 2012

Day 231 Keep on running

Training for the great north run is going, well, ok. I only seriously started training 2 weeks ago, and even then haven't seriously trained. So tonight u went for a run. I ran 10.6k which is 6.59 miles. I was quite pleased as this is around half the distance of the great north run, and as I finished I didn't feel knackered I felt I could of gone for more.

However there was a slight snag, 3 miles into my run I noticed my shoes had a serious malfunction, never mind I continued on the beaten track, I'll have to get some new ones...


  1. Well done, sounds like your training is going well. I did a 5k yesterday and it felt great, have caught the running bug again. Hope your new shoes make you go even faster... ;)

  2. You obviously have done quite a few miles in those shoes...well done on all that running!

  3. Oh dear!

    Well done on running though and good luck with the Great North Run!

  4. Whoops! Could get painful.

    Thanks for linking up