Friday 16 December 2011

Is This Christmas ?

So as Noddy Holder said famously, "It's CCCCCCHHHHRRRRIIISSSTMASSSSS!!!!!"

This week theres not much to write about. Except about Christmas. We successfully manage to buy a Christmas tree and decorate although E (the eldest) decided to help us, she couldn't quite get the concept of spreading out the decorations, and so for most of the day of our new tree the decorations tended to be on the bottom left corner of the tree as thats as far as she could reach.

Over previous years, I found Christmas was slowly slipping away from me. I love Christmas and all it stands for, but as you get older and have to work more Christmas gets harder to get into. I do love listening to Christmas songs and look forward to nothing more than uploading my Christmas mix onto my Ipod. Although this year it has been listened to significantly less. This is due to me not walking to work anymore, I live to far away so I must drive, and I must admit I've been rubbish at putting music onto CD so I tend to listen to the radio.

Also by this time of year I've watched about 8 Christmas movies, any guilty pleasure of mine. But again this has been hard to do due to a mix of working patterns and my girlfriends lack of excitement of watching Christmas movies. It's not her fault thats just not her thing and I feel bad subjecting her to it.

Alas, Christmas will truly hit home in the next few days, I am off work as of the weekend for 9 days, this will lead to visiting family and hopefully making a snowman or two. The thing that will truly make Christmas hit home and what I am most looking forward to this year is the Children. This is my first Christmas as a Dad. My step daughter kind of understands Christmas enough to be excited for Santa. T is only a few weeks old so we will be lucky she'll be awake for more than 20 minutes on Christmas day.

Christmas eve is what I am looking forward to most.  Previously as a singleton Christmas for me revolved around Boxing day, or Boxing day madness as I christened it. Boxing day would be the regular meal of Turkey, home cooked chips and egg that my mam makes and then at 1pm I'd go down the pub with my friends and not come home till around 3am. However now I'm a dad this year I'm looking forward to Christmas Eve the most, this year getting all of E's presents ready for her and most importantly before she goes to bed to watch my favourite Christmas movie of all time with her, the one thing I have to watch on Christmas Eve and have done so since I was a little boy. The greatest Christmas movie of all time, A Muppets Christmas Carol of course. Now Charles Dickens, famous novel has been hashed loads of time, but my favourite is by the muppets, with Michael Caine as Scrooge, I don;t exactly know what it is that makes me love this movie so much but I still find it funny, even though I've seen it around 20 times! I do hope E enjoys it, but even if she doesn't I will.

Having kids around this year will help make this next week feel alot more like Christmas, the excitement of Santa, the stories of Christmas and the opening of presents as well as the lashings of food. I can't wait to start feeling all festive and laughing at Gonzo and rizo the rat will be the cherry on top of the Ice Cream.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone.

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