Tuesday 2 October 2012

Day 276 Liverpool surprises

Today is the second day of my trip to Liverpool. OH has had a surprise planned for me today, of which I have no idea what is in store.

As time ticked, she gave nothing away, except say something, then get confused and reply, "I think it's just best you do as I say!" Whatever could it be?

We set off on our merry way, me feeling a little nervous due to knowing OH was in charge. We walked past a pub where she said, oh we're early lets get a drink, so we did. 20 minutes later sat at our table I was hit over the head, it was my friend Don whom I lived with at Uni, for a split second I thought he'd just bumped into us, then I realised this wasn't the case and infact my surprise was an evening with Don and his fiancé Gina.

After our brief drink we left for our meal which again was a closely guarded secret by Don and everyone, and that is where my picture lies. The meal was at Liverpool fc's home. My spiritual home, Anfield. It was at the Boot Room restaurant. I'd always wanted to go here just never got the chance, but today was my day, thanks Gertie...

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