Thursday 26 April 2012

Day 117 Who's this bear ?

TV has a lot if cute clothes. And naturally as a proud Daddy I'm bound to say she looks cute and is undoubtedly the cutest Baby I have ever seen (I can't even count myself as I've never seen myself as a Baby) but today as we were going out we put her in this her bear outfit....

It even has little paws in the bottom of her feet. She was so happy wearing it, and it was such good timing when I put her in it as I had just finished eating my bowl of porridge which we all know from the famous fairy tale bears love to eat...


  1. adorable! My husband would hate any baby clothing with ears...made me want to put the little ones it it even more!

  2. So sweet. I remember my little boy had a bear suit exactly the same, it was so soft you couldn't help but cuddle him when he was wearing it. Gorgeous pics.

  3. Very cute and cuddly, just adorable! My son had one in brown that daddy bought him, i couldnt help hold onto him when he wore it :-)

  4. She looks really cute and cuddly.

    Thanks for linking up