Wednesday 11 April 2012

Day 102 Perfect every time

Today at work I was required to learn how to make Coffee. Now many of you will think big deal so what I can make coffee! But the thing is I've never made Coffee in my life. I'm not a coffee drinker. I once tried Coffee trying to be all sophisticated and burnt my mouth resulting me in taking an instant disliking to it, chucking it away and swearing my undying aligance to either Tea (specifically Yorkshire Tea) or Newcastle Brown Ale , (not together obviously)

Yet today at work I was required to learn how to make latte's americanos, mocha's and cappuccino's. I was like a rabbit in headlights with all the fancy lingo, Massimo, etc but once I started doing it it came quite easy. Practise makes perfect I'm sure and all the lingo will come, but I was told that for my first effort it was quite good, apparently it tasted good, (I tried it and it tasted like all coffee to me, which I say tastes like cigarettes) and apparently I'm a natural at the chocolate sprinkles. Maybe I'm wasting my life on the gym floor?

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