Wednesday 2 November 2011

WooHoo ! Time to Blog !

Well Hello Internet and Bloggers !!!!!

This is officially my first ever blog, oh dear what have I done? More importantly what do I write? I guess the best place to start is by introducing myself. Well I am currently 26 years and 343 days old (what kind of adult counts the days?) It sounds better than nearly 27! My life so far has basically been all about me, I previously in life went where I wanted, when I wanted, for as long as I wanted. I have had stints living in Durham, Liverpool, Minnesota,Dallas and Leeds.

My life drastically changed for the better early this year though when I met a very beautiful young women, who after a short courtship is my girlfriend, my housemate and the mother of our soon to born child. With her into my life she brought her 3 year daughter who, at times is quirky and weird is certainly a very lovable and when she wants to be cute child. I should add here that whilst fatherdom is upon me, it is quite a scary time. I have a fantastic mother and 2 sisters, a father I haven't spoken to for 3 years with good reason. Only one of my friends currently has children. So the idea of being a father is very much exciting but worrying that there is not many people I can console for advice, In this respect I have two fathers I look upto my grandfather who sadly is no longer with us and a kind of surrogate father from my time living in Texas, he always had time for his children, whether they be step children, adopted children or his own children he had time, which I guess is what I aim for.

All this means that from my very selfish life I've had to grow a little mature (I certainly wouldn't want to become mature before my expiry date), sensible with my finances and most importantly a good partner and I guess father. Who would have guessed my life would have turned out this way when the bells chimed in 2011 as I sang Queens Bohemian Rhapsody at my good friend Sleazy Jon's New Years Party!

So why am I blogging? It's not like I'm famous or anything. Well the answer purely is I'm not sure. It seemed like a good idea. My girlfriend has for the last 5 months been blogging herself, shameless plug about happen check her blog here . She is wonderfully talented at it and seems to get some sort of comfort from it as it helps her express herself and open up a lot more. I tend to read every post she does and I've seen how she looks after shes spent hours creating her posts and editing them, she seems content and happy and smug, but in a good way. I felt that I don't want to tread on her toes but it seems like a wonderful idea, something that I could do and hopefully be good at it. Also as much as I always try to look forward in life I see this as a great way to keep track of yourself see where you've come from and I think it would be fascinating or cringe worthy to read in a couple of years and I love the idea of my children being able to read something that I wrote 20 years ago.

So in a nutshell my life revolves around my girlfriend, her daughter, our soon to be born child, whom we all have given our own nickname of being called the Pooheads, I naturally being the father of the family am referred to as Biggest Poohead, my girlfriend, Big poohead, Girlfriends Daughter is little poohead and the unborn baby is already and has been shouted through the womb as baby poohead by at some point in the last 8 months all 3 of us. As well as these 3 very lovable characters theres my gang of friends who I try have frequent adventures with that I'm sure in future stories you will all grow to love.

So what will I write about? again who knows? The loves of my life are Liverpool Football Club, My family, Cricket, Music and having adventures, so these all seem pretty good and very expandable topics that will enable me to go off on many tangents. I hope that on the way I can make you laugh and cry with bad spelling, grammar and stories of my life. I promise I will try to be as interesting as possible and if you want to throw any advice my way feel free to do so.


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